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"When I started, I barely had a debit card to my name. I've since gotten to a point where I scaled my store over seven figures in total sales, roughly six figures per month in sales, an average profit around 10,000 per month at its peak"


"I feel like high ticket drop shipping is the one model where you can go from having nothing to really having something"


"During Black Friday of last year, my store started taking off, we started scaling to levels that I didn't even know was imaginable. It actually started doing better way better than what I was making at work so I actually quit my job and then took on dropshipping full time."


"I just really wanted a business that would create cash flow and that was working. I hadn't found that yet, before I met you guys."


"Find mentors like Jared and Mike that have a proven track record of results and actually build their own stores on a daily basis"


"My younger self would be shocked to see that I built a website and I'm making sales - people are actually buying from my website. That's a great feeling, that people trust in your website"


"This program taught me how to be more accountable to myself and more disciplined"

pete Went From 6k/Day to $305k/month and growing!

Ahjin went from 4k/day to 10k/day to 25k/day!

Jacob Went From 8k/day to 42k/month...

Nathaniel went from 1k/day to 17k/week

Dasar Made 5k In 2 Orders And Is Still Growing...

Jared's Pulling In Numbers Like This Every Month

a day in the life of mike: 29k before midnight

And SO Many More Students Getting Their First Sales!

and so many more that we're still constantly adding but are popping up everyday in our community chat... so if they can get results as brand new beginners, what's stopping you?

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